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Single PET Boarding

Doggiversity offers "single pet boarding" at our home in Greater Noida. This means we board a maximum of 2 pets (including cats) from a single household/family at a time. No other dogs or cats will be housed at our home, while yours is with us. Your pets will not be kept in cages, crates or kennels. Lots of love, cuddles, long walks, and on-time meals are promised.

This type of setup is ideal for dogs/cats with behaviour issues or special needs.

  • The minimum duration of the stay is 5 days. The maximum is 3 weeks. Less than 5 days or longer than 3 weeks is only taken up in special circumstances.

  • 2 trials are done before confirming stay and calculating charges.

  • Charges range between INR 1200-2000 per day excluding food for dogs. For cats: INR 600-800 per day excluding food.

  • For long weekends, holidays, festivals, etc, there is surge pricing.

  • Once you lock in a per-day fee, it is valid for 1 year. 

  • Food charges are extra.

  • Pick-up and drop charges are extra.

  • Full payment for the total duration has to be made a minimum of 7 days in advance for confirmation of boarding. We cannot guarantee that place will be available if the advance payment is not made. In case of cancellation, 85% of the amount is refunded. 

  • In case of cancellation due to covid-related restrictions at your destination or a covid-positive result, a full refund will be made. 

  • Address proof and vaccination records are compulsory. A mandatory tick bath has to be given before the stay.

  • References are needed from your trainer or behaviourist if your dog has any behaviour issues.

  • We specialise in boarding cats who have special needs.

  • Please note that the Doggiversity home is supervised by two resident cats Laddoo and Katli.


Dog on Blue

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your charges for boarding?

Only after the 2 trials am I able to tell you whether I will board your dog or not, and how much the exact charges will be. Charges range between INR 1200-2000 per day excluding food for dogs. For cats: INR 600-800 per day excluding food. Boarding charges are carefully calculated on the basis of - the intensity of behaviour issues if any (separation anxiety, aggression, etc), toilet training, shedding level, the number of walks and meals. This is done that we can provide the best possible environment and care for your pet. We do NOT take sick or convalescent pets for boarding. It is the pet PARENTS' duty to ensure that the vaccinations and deworming is up-to-date and that the pet is well-groomed (no matting or tangles) and free of ticks and fleas, etc, at the start of the boarding period.

Q. What happens at the trials?

I do 2 trials before the actual stay. The first is a 1-hour interview, I visit your home and meet your dog/cat, and ask you a few questions. In the second, you have to leave your dog/cat at my house for upto 4 hours. This process also ensures that your pet is prepared and familiar with my house before the actual stay. The trials may have a nominal fee.

Q. What are the food charges like?

Foods charges are calculated based on the ingredients, e.g., chicken-rice would be around 150, Fish-and-oats about 300. No charges if your dog/cat is on packaged meals and you provide me with their food. 

Q. What are the pick-up and drop charges?

Pick up and drop costs INR 1000 each. For the trial, this facility is not available. Currently, I pick up and drop only in East Delhi, South Delhi, Central Delhi, Noida and Greater Noida.

Q. Any other charges?

Any vet or grooming costs during the boarding period would be split in half (I don't board unwell or convalescent pets).

Q. My dog/cat has behaviour issues.

I will need a reference from your trainer about the ongoing behaviour modification programme so I can follow that programme while the dog/cat is at my home.

Nidhi has taken care of my dog and cat while I've been traveling. Both pets are rescues and have particular needs, so I'm often anxious leaving them. Nidhi is extremely professional and took the time to make my pets comfortable with her. They were happy in her home and received excellent care. She kept me updated the whole time as well, which was really appreciated. I won't hesitate to leave them with her again in the future, and highly recommend her services!

Doggiversity Cat Boarding
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