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About Dog Training

  • I just got home a puppy. When is it OK start training him?

ASAP! A puppy starts learning things the moment it steps into your home. It is best to begin training as soon as possible to establish a healthy, happy, fulfilling life for her/him. For really young puppies, we focus on potty training, puppy socialisation, and good manners in the first few classes.

  • Can you teach me puppy socialisation? What is it?

Yes! Meanwhile, you can read more about it here.

  • Can you train an adult dog?


  • Can you train a senior or sick dog?

A clearance certificate from your vet will be required.

  • What kind of dog training do you do? 

Force-free, positive-reinforcement, rewards-based. We use science-based methods only. Expect lots of games for you and your dog! Your dog will look forward to every class (and so will you) and will learn really quickly if you do your hoework (as assigned by the trainer) diligently.

  • What does your dog training programme look like?

The first 1-2 sessions are trouble-shooting intense. We lay down the foundation for the subsequent training sessions. As trainers, we always have multiple ways to approach any situation. In any session, we practise a maximum of 3 games/commands. We also have to go stage by stage - that depends on our assessment of your dog's progress. A comprehensive plan, checklists and other reading/viewing material will be emailed after the second session. We give a lot of homework for you to do in between the sessions.

  • What happens in the first session?

We spend about 15-20 minutes talking with you about the nature of the problem (history, previous training, etc). We’ll be asking a lot of questions that may appear intrusive or weird, but please bear with us! Then we’ll take the dog out for a walk and games. This should take another 20 minutes. Finally, we show you 1 or 2 ways in which you can solve the problems or begin the training.

  • Why do you give homework?

If we as trainers are the only humans interacting with your dog, s/he will learn our language, rules, gestures but not yours. So it is important for you to practise the training exercises with your dog. We encourage every family member to get involved in the training. Did we mention our classes are insanely fun?

  • What is the meaning of “Basic Obedience Training”? What is covered under it?

We cover “No”, “Sit” and “Come” commands under Basic Obedience. We also teach leash walking. We also troubleshoot specific problems that you are immediately facing.

  • How long will it take to train my dog?

Each dog is different. The duration, number of sessions and frequency of training will depend on your dog’s learning abilities and the goals you have set for him/her. For example, for a pug, we do half-an-hour sessions. For a young puppy, we schedule 2-3 sessions per week. A complete training programme takes a minimum of 3 months. Follow-ups are done as required at discounted rates.

  • I have 2/3/more dogs. Can you train them both/all?

Yes, but each dog will be trained alone in a room (with the pet parent of course). The other dog(s) will have to wait for their turn.

Scheduling A Session

  • I live in North/West/South/East Delhi/etc. Can you train my dog? 

Usually the answer is yes. But as of now due to the global pandemic, we are training only in Noida and Greater Noida. Hopefully once the borders are fully unlocked, we will resume training in other regions of Delhi NCR. 

  • I am not available at the times mentioned in the schedule. What do I do? 

Please get in touch. We ALWAYS take your constraints into consideration. Your dog’s welfare and learning is our paramount priority.

Rates And Discounts

  • What are your charges?

Doggiversity rates for the dog training sessions are based on the distance between your home and the trainer’s home. All rates are per hour and the fees for each session has to be paid at the end of each session in cash or via PayTM. Every session’s duration will be mutually decided beforehand (between 0.5 to 2 hours). Please contact for exact per-hour rates.

  • Are there any discounts?

Yes! Please ask us when you call/email.

  • I still can’t afford your charges. Is there any alternative? 

Our training can be tailored to fit your goals and budget. Please don’t hesitate in expressing your constraints. In any case, when we train your dog, we make sure you are learning how to train him/her alongside, so you can homeschool your dog later! We also provide online counselling.

  • What are the charges for multiple dogs?

Our charges are applicable per hour not per dog. Please get in touch for exact per hour rates.

Behaviour and Aggression Issues

  • My dog has separation anxiety. Can you cure him/her?

We recommend Namratha Rao in Delhi for all behaviour issues.

  • My dog is extremely fearful or reactive in certain situations. What can I do?

This is also a behaviour issue. 

  • My dog has bitten only once. And it was my fault, at that. Why won’t you take up my case?

We’re sorry but we’re not taking on aggression cases as of now. An aggression specialist needs to figure out the triggers that cause biting for a safe, positive training to take place. In Delhi, you may contact Namratha Rao (link above) or Rajvi Marivala ( or in Gurgaon - Akanksha Yadav (+91 95991 13161) if you have a dog who has bitten a human or another dog.

  • I already have a dog. When can I get home a new dog/puppy?

The age difference between two dogs in the same household should be 5 years.

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