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Doggiveristy offers behaviour modification and training for Companion Dogs using science-based methods.

Companion dogs = dogs who live at home with your family

We also offer Single Dog Boarding (waitlist). Single Cat Boarding is also available.

We don't offer guard dog training or protection training. 

Training in the times of Coronavirus:

  • Free online video consultation on weekdays.

  • Paid online 1-1 sessions available for those in containment zones.

  • All classes are taking place in open-air locations such as parks. Masks are compulsory and minimum 6ft distance is maintained at all times.

  • Single Dog (and/or cat) Boarding is available!

  • Add us to the list of people to contact for your pet in case of an emergency!

Introducing "Puppy Basics"- 

An 4-week course I created in collaboration with Sploot. The course has a blended format - the main topics are delivered to you as pre-recorded videos, while every week you will have a 1-hour check-in with me for any questions or troubleshooting. For more details or to sign up, click on the button:
Image by Richard Brutyo
WhatsApp: +91.9717.66.0962. (10 AM to 5 PM only)
Email: doggiversity [at] gmail [dot] com
Tuesdays closed.
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