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Q&A on Canine Aggression with Canine Trainer Pradnya

We spoke to Pradnya Hattiangadi about canine aggression. Pradnya is a canine trainer and aggression specialist.

Q. What is the best way to cure aggression?

Pradnya: One cannot cure aggression. It can be managed by understanding triggers and retraining the brain to think and act in ways where harm need not be done.

Q. Does sterilisation cure aggression?

Pradnya: Sterilization can only help curb aggression when it stems from the hormones - especially testosterone. Otherwise, it isn't very helpful. It can also make some forms of aggression worse in some cases.

Q. Why do dogs behave aggressively when woken up from sleeping?

Pradnya: It's a primitive instinct to protect themselves from danger (especially from prey as taught in the wild, years and years ago) or if they are spooked when woken up..there can be more reasons than this as well, will need to understand a particular case to find out exactly why.

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