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Summer Tips For A Happy Dog

1. Too hot for a walk? Walk early in the morning or late in the evening when the weather is cooler!

  • Change the timing of the walks gradually over a few days.

  • Avoid encouraging your dog to run or walk briskly. Take leisurely strolls to avoid overheating your pet.

  • If you have take your dog out for a walk during the day, keep it really short.

  • Avoid walking on concrete, asphalt, metal or sand. Look for shaded lanes, or grass or mud to walk on.

  • Dog's paws are sensitive and can burn. Place the back of your hand on the ground - if you can't bear the heat for 5 seconds, neither can your dog's paws.

2. Appetite gone down? This is normal, but you can experiment with lollies and tasty summer fruits!

  • Some fruits are perfectly safe for dogs like watermelon and mangoes. Just remember to remove the seeds and rind, and feed only a small piece to begin with. You can increase the quantity gradually over a few days.

  • Any food that is liquidy/pasty/semisolid can be frozen to make it even more exciting and appealing for your dog to lick, munch or chew on.

  • Coconuts are great - you can let them drink the coconut water from a bowl, eat the coconut flesh as a treat, gnaw/chew on the husk, or even play football with it! You can reuse the shell to stuff in their next meal.

  • Fresh water should be available at all times.

3. Bored indoors? Plan indoor activities!

  • The shorter walks outside might get the spirits of your dog down. Spend some extra time cuddling them, grooming them to perfection, splashing about in a tub of water, or simply practising tricks or commands to keep those doggy brain cells engaged.

  • The best indoor activities involve doggy noses. One great way is to scatter/hide their kibble or favourite treats around the house!

  • For more indoor activities that provide mental stimulation to your dog, check out this post.

4. Pests beginning to bother? Daily grooming and some preventive care is essential!

  • Do read my blogpost on ticks.

  • Make sure you support your dog's immunity with healthy, fresh food which is balanced in all nutrients. Some great additions to the diet are turmeric and garlic.

5. Soaring temperatures? Educate yourself about heatstroke in dogs!

Some points to keep in mind about heatstroke:

  • Over exertion during walks/exercise is the most common reason for heatstroke in dogs.

  • Do NOT leave your dog alone in a car on a hot day (or even otherwise).

  • Some dogs and some breeds are more at risk than others.

  • Learn to recognise the symptoms, and consult a vet if the symptoms get worse.

  • Cool down your dog with a wet towel if you see any symptoms.

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