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Summer tips for cats

- Keep their water bowl clean and full to the brim

- Freeze their treats or cool down their meals in the fridge

- Play with ice cubes on the floor

- Dab with a wet (cool but not freezing) towel

- Use an elevated bed

- Groom! Your cat will be shedding a lot of fur!

- Take naps in a cool (air conditioned if possible) room with your cat!

Watch out for:

- Sore, crusty or scaly skin - consult a vet!

- If you notice heavy panting or lethargy encourage your cat to have a drink. Open a tap or use an earthen bowl if your cat is fussy about drinking water.

- Elderly or overweight cats, pale-coloured cats need more care during this time

Symptoms of heatstroke in cats:

- agitated or confused

- extreme lethargy

- stretching out

- redness of the belly

- glazed eyes

- breathing rapidly

- hot to touch

- drooling or vomiting

- collapse

If you notice any of these, cool down your cat with a damp cloth, and if the condition doesn't improve seek a vet immediately

Summer tips for community/feral cats

- Provide water - use a mitti (earthen) bowl - change the water once-twice a day

- Provide a stress-free, shaded space to rest - use cloth or cardboard boxes

- Keep a check on garages and store rooms where cats may hide to cool off

Did you know? Cats cool themselves down on hot summer days by seeking cool, shaded spots, sweating from their paws, licking themselves more than usual, and panting.

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