Terms and Conditions

  1. By availing Doggiversity’s services, I, as the dog owner, can affirm that my dog has, to the best of my knowledge, NEVER bitten any human or animal. If the dog has bitten previously then I have informed Doggiversity of the same.

  2. COVID19 pandemic restrictions:

    1. All at-home classes are suspended until further notification.

    2. Any in-person classes that take place will be held in an open-air public location. Classes will not take place within any gated societies. 

    3. The dog must be kept on a sturdy collar and leash at all times. The leash must be minimum 6 feet long so that the dog can be handled by the trainer safely.

    4. Each human who attend a class with their dog MUST carry the following items:

      1. A face mask that is properly fitted over the mouth and nose at ALL times. IF the mask is removed, then the trainer reserves the right to end the class immediately, and no refunds will be made. ​

      2. A hand sanitiser.

      3. In addition, please ensure you have none of the obvious symptoms before the class like fever, runny nose, cough, difficulty breathing etc.

      4. Please carry your own water bottle, hats, mosquito repellent, etc. Gloves are optional.

    5. The dog(s) should be wiped down with a towel/cloth dipped in disinfectant or sanitiser before and after the session by the dog owner. You can also use a spray.  Please ensure your dog is not allergic to the sanitiser/disinfectant. The collar, leash and toys should also be disinfected before and after the class.

    6. The trainer will handle the dog only IF required, and the handling will be kept to a minimum. 

    7. Please maintain a distance of 6 feet from the trainer at all times during the class. 

    8. In case of group classes, only 2 dog+family sets will be allowed. From each family only 2 humans can attend the class. Thus the gathering will be restricted to 5-6 people. This number may be updated according to any imposition of CrPC Section 144 on the day of the class. 

    9. If any member of the dog's family is feeling unwell before the class, the class may be cancelled. A refund will be calculated as per discount availed. The class may also be postponed for later.

    10. Validity of "monthly packages" is 3 months instead of 1 month to account for any unfortunate circumstances from both the family or trainer's end.

    11. Please be prepared for sudden cancellations from Doggiversity/trainer's end as well on account of illness or government guidelines. 

    12. IF you or any family member test covid19 positive 14 days before or after the class, please please have the courtesy to keep Doggiversity informed. 

    13. Doggiversity has restricted number of overall classes to only 2 per day. Please avail online sessions whenever possible.

    14. Unfortunately, we are not conducting any classes in New Delhi as of now.  

  3. The fees are non-refundable and non-transferable once paid.

  4. The per-class fees are to be paid in FULL at the END of each class. 

  5. If availing a monthly package, the full amount has to be paid in advance BEFORE the first class. 

    1. All classes have to be availed within 30 days from the date of payment. ​

    2. There must be a gap of 48 hours between consecutive classes.

    3. The schedule of the classes will be mutually decided beforehand.

    4. If a class is cancelled, it must be rescheduled within the 30 days. 

    5. Any classes not availed within 30 days will be considered forfeited and no refunds will be issued for the forfeited classes. 

  6. CANCELLATION​: Any class must be cancelled at least 12 hours before the starting time of the class, or they will be considered forfeited. 

  7. Every class' duration will be mutually decided between the trainer and dog owner beforehand (between 0.5 to 1.5 hours). The duration of the class depends on the energy levels of the puppy or dog. A class may go on for longer if the dog seems full of energy and willing to learn. However the class duration will NEVER be extended on account of lateness or absence of dog's human family.  

  8. Doggiversity working hours are 10 AM to 5 PM. Any calls or queries will not be answered outside of these hours. Training classes may be scheduled outside of these hours after a discussion with the trainer.

  9. Tuesdays are off. No classes will take place on Tuesdays. 

  10. Before scheduling a booking, the dog owner should have spoken verbally with the trainer on +919717660962. 

  11. The dog owner promises to be transparent, honest and completely truthful while answering Doggiversity’s questions, especially with regard to behaviour and aggression issues.  

  12. The dog will be trained on the leash. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to ensure that the dog is ALWAYS on a sturdy collar and leash during training. 

  13. At any class, at least one human member of the dog's family has to be present at ALL times. IF there is no human member present during the class, then the trainer reserves the right to end the class and leave after ensuring the dog's safety. No refunds will be issued.

  14. Dog training requires patience and perseverance and plenty of practice. Doggiversity does not guarantee that the commands and training imparted on the dog will be permanent. It is imperative that the dog owners put the stipulated amount of practice and consistency along with the trainer to train the dog.

  15. Doggiversity training session may be recorded on video and posted on Doggiversity’s social media accounts.

  16. The dog owner is also allowed to video or audio record the sessions for their knowledge. However, they are not allowed to share videos longer than 1 minute on any social media or via electronic mail or messaging platforms. 

  17. The dog owner should take full responsibility for the dog’s health and well-being. If the dog is senior or sick, a clearance certificate is required from a vet before training. All vaccinations MUST be up-to-date.

  18. The dog owner should get the requisite dog license from local authorities. 

  19. Also, the dog owner should understand that docking of ears or tail or any body part is an illegal act.

  20. The dog owner agrees to receive emails and an occasional newsletter from Doggiversity.

  21. Doggiversity reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time.