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Long Weekends in 2022 - Vacation With Your Pets

2022 had a slow start, but we do have plenty of long weekends and other opportunities for vacations. According to research, the anticipation of a vacation is a significant source of pleasure and happiness. We have made a list of long weekends, festivals as well as auspicious days (check for weddings in your circle) so you can plan in advance and remain stress-free.

Although we highly recommend including your pets in your vacations, our home in Greater Noida is available for individual boardings of 5-21 days in length. We will be taking advance bookings at the normal pricing until February 28th, after which these peak weekdays+all weekends will have surge pricing. The advance will be refunded in case of covid19 related constraints. For any other cancellations, cancellation charges (between 10-50%) will apply.

1. February 25 to March 2 (Friday to Tuesday). Tuesday March 2nd is Mahashivratri.

2. March 4th Friday - Phulera Dooj is an auspicious day.

3. March 17 to 21st (Thursday to Monday). Holi is on Friday 18th March.

4. April 14th to 18th (Thursday to Monday). 14th is Vaisakhi/Mahavir/Ambedkar Jayanti, while 15th is Good Friday.

5. April 29 to 3rd May (Friday to Tuesday). Eid-ul-Fitr in on the 3rd. Additionally, May 3rd is Akshay Tritiya, an auspicious day.

6. May 12 to 16th (Thursday to Monday). Buddha Purnima is on 16th.

7. May 15th to June 30th. Summer vacations.

8. JUNE: If you have travel plans for JUNE, please let me know ASAP as I would like to close bookings for that month as early as possible.

9. July 1st to 5th (Friday to Tuesday). Rath Yatra is on 1st.

10. July 8th, Friday. Badli Navami - auspicious.

11. August 5th to 9th (Friday to Tuesday). Muharram is on 9th.

12. August 8th to 12th (all weekdays). Muharram is on 9th. Rakhi is on the 11th.

13. August 11th to 15th (Thursday to Monday). Rakhi is on the 11th while the 15th is Independence Day.

14. August 15th to 19th (Monday to Friday). 15th is Independence Day while Janmashtmi is on 18/19th.

15. August 18th to 22nd (Thursday to Monday). Janmashtmi is on 18/19th.

16. August 31 to September 4th (Wednesday to Sunday). Ganesh Chaturthi.

17. September 8th to 12th. (Thursday to Monday). Onam.

18. September 26th to October 5th. Navratri/Pujo + Dussehra.

19. October 5th to 9th (Wednesday to Sunday). Id-e-Milad.

20. October 20th to 24th (Thursday to Monday. Diwali is on 24th. Be sure to desensitize your new puppy or older dog to loud cracker sounds at least two months before Diwali (August end).

21. October 24th to 30th (Monday to Sunday). Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Chhat, etc.

22. November 4th to 8th (Friday to Tuesday). Guru Nanak Jayanti on 8th. Additionally, a lot of auspicious days fall in November-December for weddings.

23. December 23rd to 31st. Christmas/Year End.

Steps for booking:

1. Please fill out this form:

2. You will receive a WhatsApp message or an email to CONFIRM the availability of your selected dates. You will also be sent a link to book the FREE trial.

3. After the trial, I will be in touch with you about the final per day charges.

4. Make the payment (the payment details will be shared with you via email).

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